UK Coaching is Here for the Coach
While the spread of COVID-19 is continuing to prove a major challenge for coaches, it cannot stop you from gathering knowledge and growing your skills.
We can support you to continue online and help you use your downtime effectively to prepare for the future, so that when we’re able to return to business as usual, you will be stronger for the experience.
We are also working closely with partners across coaching and with central government agencies to ensure that we can bring you the latest advice and guidance from benefits and financial support to health and hygiene.

To keep up with new developments, please follow our conversation thread Coronavirus (COVID-19) FAQs: Includes links to further guidance and follow us on Twitter @_UKCoaching.

In this month’s Great Coaching Newsletter, you’ll find exciting news, inspirational resources, expert-led online classrooms and enticing offers, including:
1. New Infographic: Coaching Online
2. Curious Coaches’ Club
3. Upcoming Webinar: Understanding the Legal and Financial Information for Coaches
4. Time2Learn: Building Your Coaching Philosophy
5. ConnectedCoaches Community: Great Coaching Ideas
6. Survey to Improve Our Services
7. New Free Resource: Webinar on Well-being
8. New Subscriber Resource: Webinar on Psychological Safety
9. New Podcast: Skill Acquisition with Stuart Lancaster
10. Our Resources: What’s New?
11. Continuous Coach Learning Opportunities
12. Offers for Coaches
New Infographic: Coaching Online
Now more than ever, great coaching is essential. As well as changing lives, boosting confidence and improving physical abilities, it plays a significant role to support the health and well-being of the nation by keeping people active at home.

In light of the indisputable need for coaches during this time, we have produced a series of three infographics containing insightful guidance on creating great coaching experiences at home. The first of these contains tips for coaches on delivering sport and physical activity sessions remotely.

If you haven’t coached online yet, or are hoping to refresh your online coaching toolkit, check out the series:

Coaching People Online
Encouraging our Children to be Active
Coaching Yourself.
Curious Coaches’ Club: Join the Online Coaching Discussion
In a poll recently released on the UK Coaching Twitter account @_UKCoaching, 46.2% of respondents said that they would like to receive more webinars from us.

Was that your response? If so, we hope you find our weekly Curious Coaches’ Club live webinar helpful.

Every Monday, the Curious Coaches’ Club brings expert coaches together to discuss important coaching topics. (The recorded webinars are also made available to watch for free on-demand via

We have so far released:

Learning Socially
Coaching from Your Home to Their Garden!
Developing People (Developing Yourself, Developing Athletes)
Curious Coaches’ Club: Coaching Craft: ‘Elite Athlete to Elite Coach’
Curious Coaches’ Club: Coaching Craft: Developing a Coaching Culture
The open webinars are followed, on the subsequent Wednesday or Thursday, by small, informal Community of Practice webinars. (Please note: places are limited to 35.)
Upcoming Webinar: Understanding the Legal and Financial Information for Coaches
We’re working with other industry bodies to provide you with financial and legal advice during COVID-19.

In light of this, UK Coaching’s partners Blacks and Ernst and Young (EY) will be presenting a Time2Learn session on legal and financial information for coaches (employed, self-employed and volunteers) and those working in coaching on Friday 22 May 2020 at 12-1pm.

They will offer top tips on how to utilise the support available during this time, and there will be an opportunity to seek answers to your questions.

Free, Live and Interactive Webinar on Building Your Coaching Philosophy
Our June Time2Learn session will take place on Friday 5 June 2020 at 12-1pm.

Building Your Coaching Philosophy will be presented by UK Coaching’s Senior Coach Developer Tom Hartley and Women’s National Coach Developer at the FA Mark Swales. You will be guided to consider and develop your own coaching philosophy, aided by discussion on the topics of coaching values and behaviours, and encouraged to consider what this looks like in practice.

Everyone is unique and coaches in their own way, and the positive impact of this can be maximised by developing a considered and personal coaching philosophy.

New to the ConnectedCoaches Community: Great Coaching Ideas
In what is undoubtedly a time of change, requiring us to adapt to new ways of living and connecting with one another, lots of coaches are diversifying their offers, including through online coaching opportunities.

UK Coaching would like to recognise some of the innovative ways that coaches are now using to reach people, and the positive impact that this work has. If you know of any instances of Great Coaching happening during this time, then we’d love to hear about them on ConnectedCoaches!

UK Coaching’s Jenny Coady has already contributed to Great Coaching Ideas. Why not add your voice to the conversation?