Gateshead Harriers & Athletics Club Coaches

We will do our best to find the right coach for your needs. Our coaches are volunteers who are qualified UKAthletics coaches and hold RunLeader, Level 1 (Assistant Coach), Level 2, Level 3 or Level 4 coaching licenses depending on their experience and progression. There are many athletic disciplines and we are very lucky to have some excellent coaches and Mentor Coaches who coach in their specialist event group and work together to make Gateshead Harriers & AC the most successful club in the North East.

If you would like to be introduced to a coach then please come down to the stadium on a club night (Tuesday & Thursday 6:00-8:30pm) and speak to them. They will liaise with the other club coaches in order to best fit each athlete’s individual needs.

All of coaches coaches are required to adhere to our code of conduct to ensure best practice:

Coaches Code of Conduct

Below is a list of Gateshead Harriers & Athletics Club Coaches with some information about their respective groups and the main point of contact for the group.

If unsure, please contact


Age Gender Discipline Main Coach / Contact
8-11’s 8-11 Both Multi athletics Angela Gilmour
Liz Paton
8-13 Multi Events 8-13 Both Multi events Richard Kaufman
11-16 Middle Distance Group 10-18 Both Middle Distance Track, Road and XC Kevin Flannery
Junior Middle Distance Group 10-15 Both Middle Distance Track, Road and XC Gordon Bell
Tom Brown
Junior Girls Middle Distance Group 11-20 Both Middle Distance Track, Road and XC Jan Lawton (no new athletes)
Junior Sprints Group 11-15 Both 60m-400m Karen Storey
Junior Middle Distance Track 11-Jun Both 100m-200m Mike Donnelly
Junior Men Sprints Group 15-Jun Male 100m-400m Derek Wilcox
Sprints / Hurdles 11-Sen Both Sprints / Hurdles Janice Kaufman
Middle Distace Men / Women 13-Sen Both 800m – Marathon (Track, Road and XC) John Stephenson
Jun / Sen Sprints Group Jun/Sen Both 60m-400m Bruce Horsburgh
Sen / Vet Women Sen/Vet Female Road (up to Marathon) and XC Mike Dawson
Sen / Vet Women & Men Endurance Sen/Vet Both Road and XC Roland Peacock
Running Social group Sen/Vet Both Road and XC John McDonald
Throws Group All Both Javelin, Shot, Hammer and Discus Alex Giles
Jumps 11-17 Both Tuesday High Jump

Thursday Long / Triple Jump

Jumps 16-Sen Both Long Jump / Triple Jump Jackie Pringle
Pole vault 13-Sen Both Pole Vault Chris Boundy
Disability (ambulant) Throws & jumps Richard Kaufman
Ambulant & Seated Throws Throws Ros Miller


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