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The prestigious English Schools competition takes place next weekend 9th – 11th July with the Seniors kicking off proceedings on Friday, the Inters on Saturday and followed up by the Juniors on Sunday.   Hopefully there will be some online coverage so that we can watch the 24 Gateshead athletes who have been selected.

In no particular order congratulations to the following athletes:

Josh McKeown; Susan Folorunso; Ava Taperell; Ines Curran; Joshua Blevins; Talia Thompson; Katherine Bell; Amelia Sherlock; Leila Thompson; Martha Hewitt-Chapple; Matthew Lumb; David Race; Philippa Ellis; Mia Liddell; Daisy Percival; Dylan Love; Liam Townson; Evie Harrison; Jessica Milburn; Lexie Ellis; Darcy Metcalf; Joseph Perkins; Phoebe Hall; Cleveland Schools still to publish their list.

We hope you enjoy the experience and we will be watching out for the results.


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